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Thank you for visiting ProScriptNotes.com.  My name is Kristin Nixon-Seibert and I specialize in helping screenwriters of all talents and levels shape their screenplays in order to reach the next level.  Whether you just finished an outline or synopsis of your first screenplay (you know, the one you just had to write) or you think you're ready to take your movie script out on spec, I can help.

My Pedigree as a Script Doctor

I have read and given notes on thousands of movie scripts and have managed the careers of working screenwriters - the ones getting paid for following their dreams. While literary managers come in all different shapes and sizes, I learned very early on that my special ability was to see the big picture: making a screenplay salable without losing the writer's artistic vision.

I invite you to learn more about me to see how I can help you shape your screenplay into its finest version.

Turning your Dream into Reality
Make Your Screenplay the Best it can Be

Whether you've known you wanted to become a screenwriter since you were a little one or you just recently discovered a story that the world wants to hear, you're visiting my site because you need help. Help with the basics like character development and plot lines, or molding your screenplay into one that's good enough to be sold. You don't know the next step of how to actually get your film made and get paid for it. That's where I come in.

how to write a screenplay for hollywoodI'll read your movie script, treatment, or synopsis and tell you what needs to be done. I'm not your boss that wants to micromanage everything you do and tell you which word to use when. I'm not a screenwriter. You are. And it's your screenplay. I function more as a guide, telling you structural errors, character and tone problems, and what needs to be changed for someone to buy your screenplay or offer to become your agent. I even give you different affordable movie script notes package options so you can get all the screenwriting help you need.

If you still have questions, go through my Web site or contact me with any questions. Otherwise, make the first step toward achieving your dream and get your screenplay ready for Hollywood right now.

The Script-A-Thon Screenwriting Competition

scriptathon screenwriting competition

Looking for a fun, fresh screenplay competition to take part in? Then you need to check out The Script-A-Thon. But you'd better hurry - the late deadline ends July 7, 2010. Learn more here.